John Von Achen Delivers RESULTS!

One of the most respected peak performance experts in the emerging markets of Europe, Asia, Russia and the C.I.S., John Von Achen has become a legend when it comes to helping individuals and organizations achieve their maximum performance. Through his thought provoking seminars and exceedingly popular books, John Von Achen reaches an audience of tens of thousands from around the world every month. Because of his record for enhancing corporate and personal achievement, small progressive companies, medium sized enterprises, Fortune 500 companies and multinational organizations regularly turn to John Von Achen for their training, coaching and consulting needs.

It's Time for Recession Recovery

Since the beginning of the global economic crisis and recession, John Von Achen has been on the forefront of helping companies and individuals recover and move forward in these difficult times. Learn how John can help you and your organization survive, recover and succeed in the recession.