A collection of photos of John’s “boys”

[John’s Comment] These are my boys . . . the most unique members of my family . . . J and K the Pugs (K has just arrived to the family this year in August). Just in case you are wondering where their names came from, my boys are named after the two special agents “J” (played by Will Smith) and “K” (played by Tommy Lee Jones) from the popular Men In Black movies. As the story goes, I was originally going to name my first Pug Frank, the name of the Pug from the same movies, but some of my staff though that name was not appropriate for some reason. So, the suggestion was to use a more appropriate namesake for my first Pug from the same movies, Will Smith’s character Agent J. And, since now I have two Pugs, the name “K” just seemed like the obvious choice. My comments are under each picture.

“Can’t a Pug change in private?“
“What do you think . . . is this my color?“
“Give it to me, I’m ready!“
“Come on, the Cheetah never had a chance.“
“Is that T-bone steak for us . . . is it, is it?“
“If you got a problem with my brother . . . YOU GOT A PROBLEM WITH ME!“
“Two Pugs “joined at the hip“
“We’re ready . . . lets get on with it!“
This is what happens when two pugs sleep together . . . they meld into one big “pug sausage”.
“HEY . . . I am just trying to get some sleep here. What do you want with me?“
“Yes, I am trying to smoke this . . . it’s one of those Cuban bones.“
“I was thinking of sharing, but now that you stick that camera up in my face, well, I have changed my mind.“
Even as a baby, K slept in unusual positions.
J is one of those Pugs who will roll up into a ball and take a nap anywhere.
K wanted to show everyone he is a big boy and he can handle the big bones.
One tired little Pug.
Pugs make comfortable pillows.
This is the iPug 1.0, the best stand for you iPad.
This is the iPug 2.0, the latest stand for you iPad.
Tired and wasted . . .
YOU THERE . . . bow and show reverence to the king.
Hey, you with the camera . . . what are you doing taking a shot of me like this..?
A majestic and regal pose.
“Of course I am cool . . . what were you thinking.”
“The golf ball tastes OK, but this grass sucks. Needs salt.”
“Seriously? You want me to eat my dinner outside on the deck, by myself, out of a bowl? I don’t think so.”
“Come on. Let me relax and snooze here just a little longer. Pleeeeease.”
Griffey thinks he is a small dog, often cramming himself into spaces he is really too big for.
“See, I was a good boy while my teeth were being brushed. They are so white.”
I want food . . . AND I WANT IT NOW!
You got a problem with me?..
J is still trying to figure what this little new addition to the family is all about.
“You want my chicken? Come and get it then . . . I DARE YOU!”
“Don't even think about touching Charlie Jr. !!!” (Yes, the name of the stuffed alligator here is Charlie Jr. And yes, there is a Charlie Sr.)
“Get me out of this tub right NOW . . . I mean it!”
“Help me . . . help me . . . get me out of the tub . . . I don’t want to finish my bath!”
“Hey, where are you going? Aren't you gonna dry me off?”
“Ok, so you caught me . . . of course I did it . . . but do you think you can do anything about it? HA!”
“You can shoot water on my face all you want, but as you can see, I can lick it off pretty quick. HA!”
A classic shot of Pug googley eyes.
A close up of J's signature Robert De Niro mole
J doing the “baked chicken”
J sitting like a human
K doing the “baked chicken”
K likes to climb anything, especially mountains of snow
K likes to get right up close and personal, especially if you have a camera . . . he is such a media premadona
K realizing it might be easy to get up, but not so easy to get down
One of K's favorite foods . . . sponges
The shoe thief has been cornered and caught!
K is always trying to make sure he is not left out of what is going on, even if that means getting in your face.
K during his first walk outside on a leash . . . as you can see, he still has not figured it all out yet.
A day at the park with me and my boys (Yes, I was in the sun too long - just returned from a trip to Turkey).
As you can see, K is much more serious than J is . . . that is, as far as Pugs go.
Please welcome the newest addition to my family . . . "K" the Pug (at 6 weeks old).
Already, this little one is showing his killer instincts.
Little K is a curious Pug, always scoping out what is going on. And yes, that is an inflatable swimming pool which I have customed as his home.
Little Pug's play hard, but when they are done crash where ever they find themselves.
Up close and personal with little K.
K might be little, still he is a tough one and is not afraid to take on his big brother.
Taking a nap “Pug style”.
Baby J getting ready for a walk.
The sleeping Pug. Besides snoring louder than a freight train, Pugs have a variety of peculiar sleeping habits.
Little J with his freinds Teddy and Sponge Bob.
J's first birthday . . . and that candle almost caught his fur on fire - he tried to eat it (if you know how Pugs eat, you will understand).
Here J is trying demonstrate his supermodel skills.
J smiling for the camera as a toddler.
J playing “hide and go seek”.
Just being a lazy Pug . . . its what Pug’s do!
J in his commando suit, ready for a winter walk.
J is wondering why I am sticking the camera in his face.
Checking out the local scene.
For the longest time, J just couldn’t figure this out.
Not one of my better photographic moments with J.
Me and both my boys before a book signing in Russia.
Trying to get J to dive with me.